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A highly skilled Graphic Designer with over fifteen years of experience in the New Media industry.

Qualified and experienced in many facets of Graphic Design including the production of 2D & 3D Animations, illustrations, printed and electronic promotional material and Interactive Computer Interfaces for CD-Roms and websites.

A self-starter with well developed interpersonal skills, able to set and achieve personal objectives whilst fully understanding the importance and need for integrated team working.

My role as a Senior Designer has meant that, in addition to being a keen visualiser and conceptualist, I have managed design teams on a number of large projects. This has enabled me to:

Develop excellent motivational and communication skills across different departments, disciplines and organisations.
Interpret and translate client requirements into achievable project objectives whilst still maintaining high design standards and sensibilities.
Establish productive working relationships with national and international clients, partners /suppliers and deal effectively with cultural differences.
Become actively involved in the development of young designers and technicians by delegating responsibility and supervising progress during team related projects.


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