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Professional Pianist

After successfully completing 10 years of classical training and attaining Grade 8 pianoforte, I continue to perform and compose music both as a solo pianist and as a keyboard player with a number of bands.

Over the years I've written, recorded and performed music in both America and Europe.





TV and Film
Animation, video and multimedia presentations

My experiences as both a musician and a designer, have enabled me to cross over occasionally into the realms of TV and Film work.

My first job as a designer, after graduating from college, was with Siriol Productions, where I worked on the animated feature 'Under Milkwood' which went on to premiere at the 1992 International Animation Festival in Cardiff. Since then, I have been involved in design and soundtrack composition for a number of short films and TV productions.

More recently, I've been involved in music videos and documentaries for television and the design of multimedia stage backdrops for live music presentations. These incorporate album artwork, animations, photos and videos. Excerpts of which have also been used for promotion purposes such as 'video advertisements' displayed on plasma screen billboards in Cardiff City.



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