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  Creative Roads

Creative Roads - sample
Creative Roads - sample
Creative Roads - sample


Description: Animated Map Design
Client: HTV Wales / Carlton
Company: Simon Rooney Design

Brief: To design a series of animated maps, illustrating the route taken by a band during their American Tour, to be featured in a TV Documentary.

Additional Info: In the Spring of 2002, Cardiff based band ‘The Scooters’ embarked on a frantic 5 week tour across the United States to promote their latest album release. A video diary was taken by the band to record the journey, documenting the various events and spectacles that occurred during the trip.

Whilst working with the Welsh TV channel HTV later that year on a 5 minute video promotion for one of the band’s album tracks, the Scooters presented some of this American footage to the video’s Director and Producer. As a result, extracts from the video diary were integrated into the final cut.

The following January 2003, HTV approached the band with an idea for an hour long TV programme (split into two half hour episodes) that would make more extensive use of the video diary footage in order to document the band’s American 2002 Tour. The programmes would then feature in a series called ‘Creative Roads’.

In order to clearly communicate the vast distances and differences in climate and terrain that the band travelled through, I was commissioned to design a detailed, illustrated map. Originally, this was to be hand-drawn on paper and then shot using either a rostrum or handheld camera.

As the task of editing over 14 hours of footage began, we realised that it would be more time efficient to create this map digitally. This would then enable us to zoom into specific areas (the East and West Coasts or deserts of Middle America for example) and follow the route taken by the band more closely.

The maps and associated illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator and then animated in Flash at 25 frames per second. Each animated sequence was given an approximate timeframe to work within in order to facilitate the final editing process. Each of the frames from the final Flash movies were then exported as single PICT files and then reanimated in the editing suite.

These programmes were televised on HTV the following February and March 2003 to great acclaim, and serve as a record of one of the band’s greatest achievements.



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