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The Golf Pro
The Golf Pro - sample
The Golf Pro - sample

Description: CD Rom Golf Simulation
Client: Empire Interactive
Company: Empire Interactive

Brief: Conceptual design and production of in-game navigation systems and information displays.

Additional Info: Contracted over an initial 3 month period to devise the entire Graphic User Interface for a game simulation that had already been in development for about a year. This meant quickly familiarising myself with the technical functionality of the CD Rom, as well as the rules of Golf!

Using TV golf coverage of golfing events - such as the Ryder Cup by Sky Sports and the BBC - as inspiration, I tried to give the game graphics a televisual feel. After developing the actual in-game navigational elements (club choices, stance, delivery, stroke speed etc.) and feedback visuals (score, wind direction etc), I then worked through the main menu, scoreboards and course selection items.

Additional educational diagrams and animated illustrations were also required for in-game tutorials and Golf lessons, using green-screened motion capture footage of Gary Player.

After receiving positive feedback from game developers (both inside and outside the organisation) at various special previews in London, I was then involved in a number of promotional activities, to effectively translate my game designs into other media such as print and web.

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