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Commitment to Innovation
Commitment to Innovation
Commitment to Innovation

Description: Web site design and promotion
Client: Welsh Development Agency (WDA) and the DTI Innovation Unit
Company: Imaginet

Brief: To create a bi-lingual website design concept that promoted the 'Commitment to Innovation' programme for companies and organisations in Wales.

Additional Info: Commitment to Innovation was launched in 1997 with the objective of encouraging and promoting innovative organisations in Wales. Such organisations commit themselves to innovation in their corporate strategies, adopt good innovative management principles and implement them in their daily business practice.

As a result, the design needed to reflect the cutting edge quality of the site content and the organisations concerned, without looking too corporate or technical. The client made a strong request for bright, dynamic colours (used in their printed literature) and imagery that encompassed the wide range of celebrated projects that would be featured on a daily basis using the client controlled content management system.

Three concepts were submitted to the client, examples of which can be viewed here.

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