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Yes TV
Yes TV Example
Yes TV Example
Yes TV Example

Description: Website design
Client: Yes Television
Company: Imaginet

Brief: To create a website design concept that promoted the client’s IP-based video on demand and personalized TV services and expertise.

Although the main aim of this website was to attract new customers whilst retaining the existing client base, Yes TV also needed to be able to take full control of the site content and customer communication. The simple content management system and e-mailing system developed by Imaginet, enabled them to do this.

The design however, needed to accommodate this functionality clearly and succinctly whilst reflecting a dynamic, cutting edge appearance. It also needed to communicate, in visual terms, the quality and sophistication of the client’s media services.

In order to do this, I took a good deal of inspiration from the client’s own working environment. High quality photographs provided by Yes’ Marketing Department, made good artistic use of the open plan space and futuristic décor.

Throughout the conceptual process, I envisaged using animation to convey the immediacy and dynamism of video on demand. By playing the static images (mentioned above), quickly in succession using Flash, I was able to create a fluid - albeit randomized - video montage effect.

Although the presence of this animation within the pages, was more decorative than informational, it helped to establish the diverse nature of Yes TV’s products and services.

A number of concepts were submitted to the client, examples of which can be viewed here.

Concept One eventually evolved into the final site design. However, I've removed the live link to this site because, over time the design has been changed and thus compromised by the client.

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